The Orb of Gold…

As I see the sun fading away in the horizon, I just thought of how wonderful life can be… And I can’t help reblogging this! 🙂

Photo ni Ompong


A wonderful sight I tell you so;
As I gape to the Sun going low;
In sunrise, sunset, e’er a good show;
Believe me, the Sun is always aglow!


The orb of gold upon the sky;
How I wish that I could fly;
If in unison please say ‘Aye’;
As the Sun bids its goodbye!

By Ompong

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The Sky Seen In Polaroid…!

The color of the clouds in the sky during sunrise and sunsets never fail to amaze me... Usually, these "hidden" colors are unseen by the naked eye without wearing a Polaroid eyewear. I have a CPL attached to my lenses every time I photograph the sky and the clouds. And the results always put me... Continue Reading →

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