The Ultimate Commune…

... Is to meditate while sitting on a rock and breathing the ocean air with the sea and the sky in plain view. The setting sun on top of your head makes one wonder how awesome our planet really is! Photo courtesy of a friend, Olga Uy. Her daughter, Abby Uy, is the girl in... Continue Reading →

The Sun and the Clouds…

I always have the sun and the clouds as my subjects in most of my photographs. Anywhere I am, I just look up to see my favorite "models" who are always there to be photographed. I think my daughter got jealous and tried to eat the sun so I could focus my attention to her...... Continue Reading →

The Orb of Gold…

As I see the sun fading away in the horizon, I just thought of how wonderful life can be… And I can’t help reblogging this! 🙂

Photo ni Ompong


A wonderful sight I tell you so;
As I gape to the Sun going low;
In sunrise, sunset, e’er a good show;
Believe me, the Sun is always aglow!


The orb of gold upon the sky;
How I wish that I could fly;
If in unison please say ‘Aye’;
As the Sun bids its goodbye!

By Ompong

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Sun Photography: Are those Solar Flares?

If we have moon photography where we take an image of the moon's face, how about sun photography? Don't try this with your camera as it may "burn" your sensors...! I did mine with two layers of CPL filters plus a piece of dark tinted cellophane.

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