Abby Uy… A Budding Street Photographer! There's a new girl in town... and oh boy! Her photographs really caught my eye.  I have featured one of her photographs which shows a dramatic image which made use of colors amid a dark, woody foreground. The image above is an artsy photograph of a concert with the band members placed inside a... Continue Reading →

Would you drink what he will serve to you…?

I don't mind having a half-naked person serving me a coconut "juice drink" who pays taxes and works hard for everything he earns under the searing heat of a mid-day sun amidst the smoke belching buses and dyipnis. Compared to those people doing nothing (and yet, have almost everything) wearing expensive "Barong Tagalogs" sitting in... Continue Reading →

A Nation of Anarchists

The Philippines... A nation where road anarchy is a norm! A nation where traffic laws do not apply. A nation where educated motorists with PhDs and master's degree, executives and managers, act like those people they sarcastically call illiterate and lawless! Who among you are like them?

The Bonifacio Global City…!

Bonifacio Global City, like the Makati Central Business District, has high volume traffic roads that best describe what "hades" is. Good heavens... I mean, bad hell! (Or is it "bad heavens, good hell"?) This is one of the places that I normally don't want to visit unless it is really necessary... Like when I have... Continue Reading →

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