The Future of Mobile Photography

The future of smartphone cameras... The Dual Camera Setup! This year will be a plethora of smartphones sporting a dual camera setup. This will be the future of mobile photography. LG and Huawei were the first to incorporate a dual camera system on their smartphones early this year and before the end of the 3rd... Continue Reading →

Why can’t I have a shallow depth of field with my mobile phone camera like what SLRs can do?

A very good question from a follower who is also a photo enthusiast... "Why are cell phones with large apertures still result to a deep DOF?" It is true that mobile phones have large apertures, such as the Samsung phones and iPhones with a fixed aperture of f/2.2 which allows more light to enter their... Continue Reading →

The Love and Hate Challenge (Part 1)

Before I start with this challenge, many thanks to LadyLee for bravely throwing a challenge to a Gothic Black Knight such as I who is always willing and itching for a challenge using the pen and my lens as weapons. 🙂 In this challenge, I have to list ten things that I love and then... Continue Reading →

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