The Orb of Gold…

As I see the sun fading away in the horizon, I just thought of how wonderful life can be… And I can’t help reblogging this! 🙂

Photo ni Ompong


A wonderful sight I tell you so;
As I gape to the Sun going low;
In sunrise, sunset, e’er a good show;
Believe me, the Sun is always aglow!


The orb of gold upon the sky;
How I wish that I could fly;
If in unison please say ‘Aye’;
As the Sun bids its goodbye!

By Ompong

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The Bird and the Sunset…

I may not know things about you; But today I saw a bird flew; Over the sky that is so blue; I wish and hope you saw it too! I love you much and that is true; The rays of god which made me woo; The bird is me, the sky is you; Please do... Continue Reading →

The Lady of the Tree… (Poetry)

A man has found a lovely tree; From a farm he thought it was free; He asked the lord with a broken knee; The lord then inquired "Is it for thee?" The man replied "It is for me!"; The lord smiled and gave the tree; But then he said, "Turn it like a she!"; The... Continue Reading →

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