Walking the Sleep…

Can dreams be a reality? Can reality be just a dream? Which one provides tranquility? Which one would make you scream? Inspired by: Two Worlds by Vonita

The Sound of Death…!

The piano bars in black and white; The lyrics sang its last good night; Her ghost float above the light; Cryin'... she's gone out of my sight! The music played its crying breath; Can't hear a sound, am I going deaf?; The piano's dying note in length; Soundless... wrapped in the cloak of death!

I can’t think of a title for this photo…

... Maybe "Hide and Seek"? Because the subjects appear to be hiding behind the trees? Or how about "Orange and Greens"? Naaah, there is a blue tone in the background and it sounds too poetic to name a non-poetic imagery. What about just plain "The Machine"? Really? That sounds so much boring! Aaah, the heck... Continue Reading →

The Orb of Gold…

As I see the sun fading away in the horizon, I just thought of how wonderful life can be… And I can’t help reblogging this! 🙂

Photo ni Ompong


A wonderful sight I tell you so;
As I gape to the Sun going low;
In sunrise, sunset, e’er a good show;
Believe me, the Sun is always aglow!


The orb of gold upon the sky;
How I wish that I could fly;
If in unison please say ‘Aye’;
As the Sun bids its goodbye!

By Ompong

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The Seesaw…!

A seesaw is like that we all call "love"; We also know that it takes two to tango; A pair of shoes it is not when one foot is bare; And an I would be boring if it is without You! Riding a seesaw like a lone ranger; Is like swimming without any water; Is... Continue Reading →

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