Only in the Philippines…

... Where traffic going into the parking lot of any mall is bumper to bumper seven days a week! The parking lots of our malls are ALWAYS FULL anytime of the day on any day of the week! Believe it or not...!

“Ikmo” (Betel Nuts)

Ikmo is often times used as part of a concoction called Nganga in the Philippines. Nganga is a mixture of betel nuts and leaves which is chewed by most elderly Filipinos like a tobacco. Due to its color, the lips and tounge of the nganga chewers turn red and a distinct smell comes out of... Continue Reading →

Pinoy Sticky Rice Cake: Biko

Biko is a sticky rice cake which is all Filipino snack food or dessert. There are two main ingredients of biko, the kaning malagkit or sticky rice and coconut milk curd called latik. As I am writing this post, I am actually eating a slice of this biko I photographed...! Hehehe! Sarap! (Delicious in English)

Pinoy Style: “Ang Traysikad” (The Bicycle Rickshaw)

Traysikad is a Filipino compound word combining traysikel (tricycle) and sikad (kick). Traysikad can carry two passengers regardless of weight and is usually used in places where no public transportation is available. Technically, the law forbids a traysikad from using major roads and national highways. But like many other laws we have here in the... Continue Reading →

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