My Brother and I…

My brother and I share a common interest in almost everything... How we both liked playing in our own band with him as the lead guitar and I as the drummer. We also have similar taste on music genre, which is of course, rock and new wave songs. We also like to drink the same... Continue Reading →

The ISO Magic…!

For the newbies, ISO is just a term that they usually hear from experienced photographers. In normal lighting conditions, ISO isn't a factor... But in low light situations, ISO is indeed a big deal! What then is the meaning of ISO? ISO does not stand for the International Organization of Standardization (which until now, I... Continue Reading →

CameraHaus… The House of Photography!

One of the places I frequent to buy things I need as a photo hobbyist is CameraHaus Plus. CameraHaus Plus is located at the 5th level of SM Cyberzone, Annex in Quezon City. Mind you, this is not their only outlet, they have about 18 other outlets nationwide located in SM malls, Robinson's Place malls,... Continue Reading →

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