Corniche… Where the Service is as Excellent as its Food

This is my "nth time" of visiting Corniche located at Diamond Hotel along Roxas Boulevard in Manila, Philippines. You may have probably read my previous article about this awesome fine dining restaurant which never fails to make my day great with their excellent service. When I say "excellent service", it means that you don't have to... Continue Reading →

The Philippines… Home of Excellent Service with A Smile

Corniche is a buffet restaurant located at Diamond Hotel, a 5-star hotel, along Roxas Boulevard in Manila, Philippines.  Its selection of diversified food is composed of Asian, Western, and Japanese cuisines, including a salad and dessert station. Aside from the delicious food it offers to hotel guests and walk-in customers, Corniche is one of those... Continue Reading →

Only in the Philippines…

... Where shoppers line up waiting for their belongings to be checked and for their body to be frisked when entering a mall! That's how inept the law enforcement is in the country where crimes are rampant on the streets and inside the malls. And believe it or not, the Philippines is the only country... Continue Reading →

Is the Filipino Worth Dying For?

Today, the Philippines is celebrating a National Holiday called the Ninoy Aquino Day. Ninoy was a historic figure whose death served as a catalyst that launched the EDSA People Power Revolution in 1986 deposing the dictatorial leadership of then Pres. Ferdinand Marcos. Pres. Ferdinand Marcos was the 10th president of the Philippines who ruled the... Continue Reading →

What a Thirld World Country Is…

The Philippines, with about 75% of its population living below poverty level, is a nation of moral irony. A nation where those in power strive hard to appear religious while stealing from the nation's coffers, where Christians go to church but have no genuine concern on other people's welfare, where Pastors bleed through tithes the... Continue Reading →

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