Corniche… Where the Service is as Excellent as its Food

This is my "nth time" of visiting Corniche located at Diamond Hotel along Roxas Boulevard in Manila, Philippines. You may have probably read my previous article about this awesome fine dining restaurant which never fails to make my day great with their excellent service. When I say "excellent service", it means that you don't have to... Continue Reading →

El Niño Sunset in Manila

It would have been a perfect shot if not for the power cables that are visibly hanging all over Metro Manila... Anyway, our country, the Philippines, is currently experiencing a phenomena called "El Niño"... An unusually warm ocean temperatures in our part of the world. And adding that up to the dry season we have... Continue Reading →

The Colors of Manila Streets…!

Manila is always swarming with ambulant vendors but this vendor of pillows and towels along a road in Manila caught my attention...! In a day's work, the vendor may just probably earn about US$3 which is enough to buy her family a meal consisting of a bowl of rice and a handful of noodles mixed... Continue Reading →

Breaking News: Captain America in Manila

The local land transportation office (LTO) of Manila has sought the assistance of Captain America in the pursuit of "dyipni" drivers found not following the reduction in transport fare. It was reported by commuters that "dyipnis" are still charging Php7.50, instead of Php7. Due to the incompetence of the LTO, millions of commuters pooled in... Continue Reading →

The Star Wars Saga Lives…

Manila is now hyped up with the Star Wars upcoming movie episode. Majority of the city malls have started putting up themes related to the Star Wars phenomenon. I was unable to see Episode IV which was shown when I was in elementary. But when I was in high school, I was able to watch... Continue Reading →

Dining on the Streets without the Urban Din…

Pedro 'n Coi is one of the new restaurants at Fishermall, Quezon City. It has a very unique theme that makes you feel that you are eating outside in a city street... Minus the air pollution and the heat, of course! It's menu selections are all Pinoy (colloquial for Filipino), with Adobo, Nilagang Baka, and... Continue Reading →

Four Photos, Four Stories (3rd Season)

Why the Sky has turned Red...! Episode 1: The Shadows It’s 3200 A.D. Amidst the ruins of a city once known as Manila, two shadows emerge.  Running from one ruined building to another, the shadows pause from time to time to scan the area for any unexpected movements before moving.  As if trying to hide... Continue Reading →

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