A Beautiful Monday to Everyone…!

... Always wear a smile when starting your week, it brings "good vibes" as most people would say. I don't only smile, I laugh... I laugh at the Monday morning rush hour traffic, I laugh at the multitude of emails and paperworks I have to read and review, and I laugh at those people who... Continue Reading →

The Sun and the Clouds…

I always have the sun and the clouds as my subjects in most of my photographs. Anywhere I am, I just look up to see my favorite "models" who are always there to be photographed. I think my daughter got jealous and tried to eat the sun so I could focus my attention to her...... Continue Reading →

A Photographer’s Cliché…!

... But then again, cliché or not, I always find sunrises and sunsets more than interesting to warrant several clicks of my gear (specially if I don't have any other interesting subject to photograph... LOL!)

“Ang Lawin” (The Hawk)…

My family and I visited yesterday one of the country's tourist attractions, the Manila Ocean Park (06.13.2015). Manila Ocean Park is located near the country's oldest hotel, the Manila Hotel, and is right beside the Luneta Grandstand where Francis, the Catholic's pope, held his mass during his visit last January of this year. One of... Continue Reading →

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