The She-Tree!

Along the sidewalk of the Mandarin Hotel facing Paseo De Roxas in Makati's financial district, a tree has caught my eye. Depending from which angle you are looking at the tree, it will appear that this tree is mimicking a woman with one of her arms stretched towards the sky. Did this tree peeked inside... Continue Reading →

Houston, we have a problem…!

The Philippines is now 5th in the world having the worst traffic management system. It was reported that about 20,000 new cars are being bought and added to the streets of Metro Manila every month, that's about quarter of a million each year with no planned road expansion. Our country has a terrible urban planning... Continue Reading →

The Meaning of Being Homeless…

... Is not without a house. People may have a house but it is not a home. There's a big difference between being houseless but with a home and being homeless but with a house! Even if her house is the underpass of a flyover, it is a home for the sleeping girl with her... Continue Reading →

The Makati JolliJeep (Metrochef)

The name comes from the words "Jollibee" (the popular Philippine fastfood chain) and "Jeepney" (the Philippine mass transportation). The famous "Jollijeep" is a familiar metal cubes on wheels along the side streets of Makati Central Business District. Jollijeep offers food that are much cheaper and with more variety for breaksfast, lunch and snacks. With less... Continue Reading →

Sunset at a City Bridge…

One of the best sunsets I've seen in the city... Right in my favorite sunset spot in Makati, the Guadalupe bridge. The image on the bottom was taken about 10 minutes later the reason why it is darker than the image above it (that's how slow the traffic was yesterday afternoon going North... I only... Continue Reading →

The Full Moon Rising…

I saw the full moon tonight hiding under the cover of the clouds… And I remembered my “The Full Moon Rising” photo which I took last March of this year… 🙂

Photo ni Ompong


The scene was magnificent… But mixed with an eerie color that seems to forebode horror!

It was about 6PM and I was at the Guadalupe Bridge in the City of Makati on my way home.

As the Sun was setting on the West, I saw the moon rising near the East. The reddish aura of the setting Sun made an eerie “blood red” color from where the moon was rising…

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