Abby Uy… A Budding Street Photographer! There's a new girl in town... and oh boy! Her photographs really caught my eye.  I have featured one of her photographs which shows a dramatic image which made use of colors amid a dark, woody foreground. The image above is an artsy photograph of a concert with the band members placed inside a... Continue Reading →


Some of you might be curious why some of your friends are posting this number or why this number is almost all over the social media. It is a slang word for marijuana (or mary jane as some may call it). It was believed that marijuana's "magic" was discovered on April 20. The kids of... Continue Reading →

My Waterloo…

Believe it or not, for two consecutive years (2015 and 2016), I became a victim of the same sand bunker at the same hole in Sta. Elena golf course during the Smart Infinity Golf Classic. If you find it just a coincidence, I find it as an empirical evidence that I never learned on how... Continue Reading →

Missing you all, guys!

Isn't it great to have a good hot cup of coffee while thinking about your friends, such as the amazing bloggers I know like you? It's tax period here in Manila and I'm jumping from one galaxy to the next riding my Bicentennial Hawk, the improved version of Han Solo's Millennium Falcon, of course! The... Continue Reading →

The Kiddie Horse…

Do you still remember the last time you rode a kiddie horse like this one? Do you miss doing it? Do you want to do it again? Don't ask me... I tried riding it but the crew told me that I'm too old and too heavy to be on a kiddie horse like this one!... Continue Reading →

The Gravity Defying Car…

I saw this mini-cooper that appeared like it was defying the law of gravity. This reminded me of the gravity-defying cars in Universal Studios, Hollywood. Will I still be alive when the time comes that the hover cars we usually see in science fiction movies become a reality?

Who needs to meditate?

A couple of women (Sue and Bean) approached my table while I'm having a good cup of my morning coffee. Guess what they are offering? A meditation center where one will be taught on how to meditate properly. Why would one want to meditate? Sue said that meditation opens up the mind of a person... Continue Reading →

I need a second opinion!

My doctor advised me to take Centrum SILVER, vitamins for 50 years of age and up, instead of the Centrum that I usually take since decades ago. I feel like I'm in the 30s and I bet you, I can still perform like a 30 year old... No violent reactions please! But my doctor keeps... Continue Reading →

Just sharing some tournament moments…

I hope you don't mind... I just want to share my "fun" moments in this year's tournament sponsored by Smart Infinity, one of the big local mobile network carriers in the Philippines. I am looking forward to next year's tournament again...!

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