The Glove Compartment… The what???

Yes, every car has this so called "glove compartment" located beneath the dashboard and by the way it is called, that's where you should put your gloves, right? No...! Most glove compartments I see do not have any gloves in them at all. What I often see are combs, hair brushes, shavers, chargers and cables,... Continue Reading →

Playing with a President…

The man who was trying to rip my arms out of its socket right there in the golf fairway was the former President of the Philippines, Pres. Fidel V. Ramos (1992-1998)... Why was he ripping it out? If I tell you, you will be dead in an instant! Hehehe!

The Love and Hate Challenge (Part 1)

Before I start with this challenge, many thanks to LadyLee for bravely throwing a challenge to a Gothic Black Knight such as I who is always willing and itching for a challenge using the pen and my lens as weapons. 🙂 In this challenge, I have to list ten things that I love and then... Continue Reading →

Pacquiao Day: Everywhere is No Man’s Land

It's Sunday morning, the day of the Pacquiao-Mayweather bout. Everyone is at home or at places where the bout will be shown. Though it's a good day to play golf, a few of us has the fairway all by ourselves... Fore!!!

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