The Urban Poor of Manila…

What life really is for a fifth of Metro Manila's population. Is the Conditional Cash Transfer program of the current administration really benefitting the urban poor? Or is it just being transferred to the pockets of those people called the "honorables"?

Would you drink what he will serve to you…?

I don't mind having a half-naked person serving me a coconut "juice drink" who pays taxes and works hard for everything he earns under the searing heat of a mid-day sun amidst the smoke belching buses and dyipnis. Compared to those people doing nothing (and yet, have almost everything) wearing expensive "Barong Tagalogs" sitting in... Continue Reading →

Total Clean Up…!

... So why is this garbage truck not in the House of Senate and Congress? There's a lot of people there talking garbage while grandstanding!

What the??? Is that a….

... Is that an overgrown corrupt politician who have been eating my taxes into his large belly? What a crocodile! Ooops, crocodile is an under statement, it's a T-Rex. We have lots of T-Rexes here alive and living in mansions with private jets and fleets of SUVs. They infest the Senate and the Congress and even... Continue Reading →

The Land of Irony and Contradictions

The true state of the nation amidst the news of economic booms...! And in contradiction to the "comfortable" lifestyle of our politicians living in their mansions with fleets of luxury cars, private jets and helicopters, and multiple investments in condos and businesses "all from the fruit" of their gross annual salary of less than US$25,000... Continue Reading →

Street Photography: Cheap Labor

The message here is fairly simple but brutal: the unemployment rate in the Philippines is so high (25% of the labor force) that labor becomes so cheap that instead of having "water sprinklers", you pay a man to do the watering in a mall's garden! An unemployed laborer will accept any work at any pay... Continue Reading →

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