How Hot It can Get?

The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chili hot sauce...! A friend of mine who went on tour abroad gave me this hot sauce. She knew that I am fond of chilis and hot sauces and she did some research on what's the hottest chili in the world and this is what she brought me. She is really... Continue Reading →

“Bulalo at Patis na may Siling Labuyo”

I had a great game of golf earlier today... I won by just one stroke resulting to a free lunch of "bulalo" (beef stew with bone marrow). And of course, I cannot enjoy eating the free bulalo lunch without "patis" (local fish sauce) with several grams of "siling labuyo" (Philippine chili pepper with a hotness... Continue Reading →

Bring ’em on… I want it hot!

I like siling labuyo so much that I enjoy eating it mixed with rice! Yup, you read it right... it is mixed with rice and not rice mixed with siling labuyo! Sarap anghang talaga! (Deliciously hot!) Siling labuyo is the Philippine version of "habanero" though habanero is hotter (I have the Tabasco Habanero sauce at... Continue Reading →

Hot! I Want My Food Hot!

I want my food hot, super hot... I usually pour habanero sauce to everything I eat at home. If I'm eating outside, I always ask for chili peppers or Siling Labuyo. The more the better... 🙂 In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Ring of Fire."

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