Love at First Flash… The Godox TT350 for Canon!

I was using the Meike MK320 mini-flash and has initially found it as a lightweight speedlite solution to carry around every day just in case a "photo-worthy" opportunity presents itself. Although I find the Meike MK320 mini-flash suitable for most of my shooting conditions, there are cases where I need to "flash fill" my subject... Continue Reading →

Abby Uy… A Budding Street Photographer! There's a new girl in town... and oh boy! Her photographs really caught my eye.  I have featured one of her photographs which shows a dramatic image which made use of colors amid a dark, woody foreground. The image above is an artsy photograph of a concert with the band members placed inside a... Continue Reading →

Managing Washouts in your Photos…

I may be getting too technical about this but I just want to share to you, good folks, something that will make your photos more pleasing by reducing or totally avoiding that nasty "washouts" when you take a picture. In photography and the way I define it, "washouts" is related to that annoying "bright" background... Continue Reading →

My Brother and I…

My brother and I share a common interest in almost everything... How we both liked playing in our own band with him as the lead guitar and I as the drummer. We also have similar taste on music genre, which is of course, rock and new wave songs. We also like to drink the same... Continue Reading →

About the Picture Styles…!

Most of the DSLRs we have today have preset picture styles. For example, Canon has 6 preset styles that you can use in your photo shooting and 3 user defined styles using the preset picture styles as the base where you can modify the preset's Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation, and Color Tone. But wait... There's more!... Continue Reading →

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