“Bulalo at Patis na may Siling Labuyo”

I had a great game of golf earlier today... I won by just one stroke resulting to a free lunch of "bulalo" (beef stew with bone marrow). And of course, I cannot enjoy eating the free bulalo lunch without "patis" (local fish sauce) with several grams of "siling labuyo" (Philippine chili pepper with a hotness... Continue Reading →

The Love and Hate Challenge (Part 1)

Before I start with this challenge, many thanks to LadyLee for bravely throwing a challenge to a Gothic Black Knight such as I who is always willing and itching for a challenge using the pen and my lens as weapons. 🙂 In this challenge, I have to list ten things that I love and then... Continue Reading →

The RSM Veranda at Tagaytay, Philippines

If you will have a chance to visit our beautiful country, drop by at RSM Lutong Bahay at Tagaytay, Philippines. This fine dine restaurant is famous for its local cuisines. My favorite is their "Bulalo" or bone marrow stew with tendons. The Taal Volcano view is amazing at their Veranda area... A plus in eating... Continue Reading →

“Bulalo” (Beef Shank Soup)

Definitely one of my favorite Pinoy food specially if I'm stressed at work or just finished a good game of golf. I had this food during lunch time a few days ago with a client. But I have to take it easy on the bone marrow since it is high on bad cholesterol... Why is... Continue Reading →

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