My New Android Wallpaper…

... Is a photo courtesy of Sylvain Landry. The photo, which is now my Android wallpaper, is his response to the Weekly Photo Challenge "Connected". Many thanks, Sylvain, for letting me download your awesome photo...! Come to think about it, I am now connected to Sylvain as long as I am using his image as... Continue Reading →

My Sketch of a Woman…

I drew this image using my Android's Sketchbook. We were actually in a resort when I saw this woman wearing a two piece bikini having herself photographed by one of her friends. Good thing my photographic memory is operational that time and as soon as I got hold of my Android, I sketched her using... Continue Reading →

The Love and Hate Challenge (Part 1)

Before I start with this challenge, many thanks to LadyLee for bravely throwing a challenge to a Gothic Black Knight such as I who is always willing and itching for a challenge using the pen and my lens as weapons. 🙂 In this challenge, I have to list ten things that I love and then... Continue Reading →

Feedly: A WordPress Reader Alternative

Since the WordPress Reader is still having issues in showing all the blogs I follow, I opted to use Feedly. I imported all the blogs I follow at WordPress in this application and voila... The problem is completely solved! Feedly is available in Android and iOS platforms. 🙂

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