Wag Matakot… (Don’t be afraid)

A masked vendor holding a newspaper with a headline “WAG MATAKOT”, which means “Don’t be afraid”!

I’ll let my fellow Filipinos translate what this phrase really mean in our country where scores of people are killed every day… 

The Three Monkeys!

​In the Philippines, it is now somewhat “dangerous” to be unknowingly associated with someone who is into illegal drugs. To be safe, refrain from being with or having a picture with people you don’t really know, including high profile personalities like mayors, councilors, congressmen, and even generals and showbiz celebrities who could eventually be named or accused as involved in illegal drugs.

We now have a new adage, “Hear no people assumed to be involved in illegal drugs, see no people assumed to be involved in illegal drugs, and speak no people assumed to be involved in illegal drugs!” Otherwise, you’ll might end up as a “collateral damage”!

The bad side of being killed nowadays is that, majority of the Filipinos, specially those avidly supporting the new president, will immediately judge that you’re into illegal drugs even though you are not! We have a new justice system, it is called “presumption of guilt: guilty until proven innocent”!

Amen for the Mutilated…!


I recently notice in facebook that hundreds or thousands of people are saying “Amen” on pictures of mutilated babies and people they don’t even know without realizing that the word “Amen” means “so be it” — are they saying this out of “religious showmanship” or are they saying “so be it” because they want these poor people mutilated with their pictures shared on the net?

I am strongly against using other people’s misfortune just to get hundreds or thousands of likes in Facebook! My perception of this kind of posts is just to gain likes in the social network without ever considering the feelings of those left behind by the dead people which the “poster” may not even know. Where do they get these pictures? And what on earth is a mutilated body of a dead person got to do with being “religious”?

Sorry if I hurt the feelings of some of the people who will be reading this… I just want to say that I do not approve this kind of insensitivity!