The Three Monkeys!

​In the Philippines, it is now somewhat “dangerous” to be unknowingly associated with someone who is into illegal drugs. To be safe, refrain from being with or having a picture with people you don’t really know, including high profile personalities like mayors, councilors, congressmen, and even generals and showbiz celebrities who could eventually be named or accused as involved in illegal drugs.

We now have a new adage, “Hear no people assumed to be involved in illegal drugs, see no people assumed to be involved in illegal drugs, and speak no people assumed to be involved in illegal drugs!” Otherwise, you’ll might end up as a “collateral damage”!

The bad side of being killed nowadays is that, majority of the Filipinos, specially those avidly supporting the new president, will immediately judge that you’re into illegal drugs even though you are not! We have a new justice system, it is called “presumption of guilt: guilty until proven innocent”!

El Niño Sunset in Manila


It would have been a perfect shot if not for the power cables that are visibly hanging all over Metro Manila…

Anyway, our country, the Philippines, is currently experiencing a phenomena called “El Niño”… An unusually warm ocean temperatures in our part of the world. And adding that up to the dry season we have during summer, we now have a “catastrophic” dry spell ruining our local crops and rice fields resulting to hundreds of millions of pesos worth of agricultural products gone to waste.

Oddly, though our government has spent millions of dollars to improve the country’s irrigation systems, our local farmers are still having a difficult time growing their crops this El Niño season. To the rest of the world, the funds I mentioned earlier did not actually went to the irrigation projects. These funds were “allegedly” pocketed by our public officials which we call the “pork barrel scandal” of which is currently under investigation. The funds were “allegedly” funneled to fake non-government organizations (NGOs) with the concerned public official “allegedly” receiving huge amounts of commisions.

Anyway, back to the photo… I hope you like it as much as I did, sans those nastly lines that continually plague my sky photos of our cities.

To swim or to campaign…?

The “floaters”… Yap, summer is here and swimming is trending. But Filipinos are more concerned nowadays in campaigning for their candidates for the upcoming elections in May this year. By golly, that would be next month on May 9.

Campaign success stories are sometimes true but often than not, social media users are spreading fake stories and lies for the benefit of their candidate. On top of these, there are  lots and lots of smear campaigns against other candidates. Cyber bullying nowadays is a trend with each supporters throwing derogatory remarks to one another as if their lives are at stake, with some even threatening bodily harm to the supporters of the other candidates. Well, that’s how dirty politics is anywhere in the world…

The circus with tons of promises is in town and I see a lot of clowns wooing the voters!


Who needs critical thinkers?

Most of the politicians and some religious leaders don’t want people to be critical-thinkers, they are afraid of people who thinks critically. This kind of people will make them obsolete and extinct!

“Let’s make them poor and make them work so hard in their entire lives so that the only thing that matters to them is what we feed in their minds. They shouldn’t be thinking at all for the sake of the whole, they should be thinking only what we want them to think…!” I believe this is what’s in their mind!


Would you drink what he will serve to you…?



I don’t mind having a half-naked person serving me a coconut “juice drink” who pays taxes and works hard for everything he earns under the searing heat of a mid-day sun amidst the smoke belching buses and dyipnis.

Compared to those people doing nothing (and yet, have almost everything) wearing expensive “Barong Tagalogs” sitting in a luxurious airconditioned government offices indirectly paid by this half-naked coconut vendor, I’d rather have a nice simple drink of coco juice from an honest hard-working person rather than have a sumptuous meal in an exclusive five star hotel offered by a person who uses the taxpayer’s money for their own personal gain!

Breaking News: Captain America in Manila

The local land transportation office (LTO) of Manila has sought the assistance of Captain America in the pursuit of “dyipni” drivers found not following the reduction in transport fare.

It was reported by commuters that “dyipnis” are still charging Php7.50, instead of Php7. Due to the incompetence of the LTO, millions of commuters pooled in Php0.50 each to pay for Capt. America’s airfare and hotel accommodations, including food and other miscellaneous expenses which Capt. America may incur.

As of this time, Capt. America is in hot pursuit of all the “dyipni” drivers who are still charging the old fare to the commuters!

We will keep you posted on any developments of Capt. America’s heroic deed in Manila!