Zoobic Safari is one tourist attraction you will find at Subic Bay Freeport’s Forest Adventure. Subic Bay was a former US Naval Base located in Olongapo, Zambales. After the Americans withdrew their naval forces in Subic Bay in 1991 after the expiration of the Military Bases Agreement, the area was converted into a tourist spot with hotels, casinos, golf courses, and other attractions and theme parks. You can check out more details about the US Naval Base formerly located at Subic Bay through this site: Wikipedia US Naval Base Subic Bay.


Embracing a twenty five-hectare land, local and foreign guests can expect an astonishing sight of diverse exotic animals roaming and frolicking in their simulated natural habitat at Zoobic Safari. It features a wide range of habitats present in the forest due to the terrain, presence of streams, and fringing grasslands. These represent the major habitats for varied exotic animals featured in Zoobic Safari Adventure Park.

Zoobic Safari has the following attractions to look forward to, namely:

  • Zoobic Park  is a two-hectare forest wherein guests will have a mini-trekking experience to see exotic, wild and semi-domesticated animals in their simulated natural habitat. Have the wonderful chance to pet and feed these wonderful animals – parakeets, bearcats, camels to name a few.
  • Savannah a sanctuary of the wild that features a wide range of ostriches, potbellies, wild boars, and guinea fowls.
  • Serpentarium Get inside an old ammunition bunker where you will see a showcase of various species of reptiles like snakes, lizards and  turtles.
  • Rodent World  Features an amazing collection of rodents. Be amazed in Mice Surprise area and you may even see some guinea pigs being groomed in the Rodent Salon.
  • Animal MuZOOeum A rare collection of real stuffed animals, bone collections and preserved animal skin.
  • Close Encounter A facility that allows one to take a close look at our Siberian-Bengal tigers only 2 feet away!
  • Tiger Safari a Hold on to your seats as you enter a two-hectare enclosed area aboard our customized Safari Jeep and experience the thrill of being chased by full-grown tigers on the loose!
  • Bird Walk Experience feeding the parakeets/love birds on the palm of your hand. Lovely!
  • Aetas’ Trail Have a glimpse of the beauty of our Native Aeta Brothers’ culture as they perform some of their traditional dances.
  • Croco loco  Have the chance to feed our crocodiles!  Just dangle a chicken tied to a bamboo pole and see how high they can jump to get your treat.
  • Zoobic Cave and Forbidden Cave Bunkers used by the Americans before which were converted to house preserved/stuffed animals, animal robotics and an array of surprises. Watch out what you’ll see as you walk through the Forbidden Cave’s suspension bridges!

Here are some of the pictures I took when my family and I visited Zoobic Safari about a week ago. It was really Fun!

Text Source: About Zoobic Safari

The Zoobic Safari

The Dark Side of Time…!


If “Time heals”, it is also a deadly killer. I have yet to know an earthly creature who didn’t fall prey when Time passes by it. Time is something that we cannot stop taking slowly away the seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years of our mortal lives. The more you want to stop Time, the vicious it gets and eventually, no one can win against Time.

No one can kill the Time, you are killing yourself trying to kill the Time as it takes precious seconds of your life doing nothing to kill it. You’re absolutely wasting your time by killing it! Just ride with the Time and let the Time takes it course… Just enjoy every time you have as it will soon run out, you’ll never know when!

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The Leaves of Babel…

I dedicate this image to those devastated by the snow storms in North America, Mainland China, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

As one leaf dies, another shall grow anew to bring forth hope
Life may be full of struggle and yet, it is worth living for
Like a tree that may soon be barren of its flowers and leaves
It is but a cycle that all of us shall go through!



My New Android Wallpaper…


… Is a photo courtesy of Sylvain Landry. The photo, which is now my Android wallpaper, is his response to the Weekly Photo Challenge “Connected”. Many thanks, Sylvain, for letting me download your awesome photo…!

Come to think about it, I am now connected to Sylvain as long as I am using his image as my wallpaper. His signature, or shall I say, his autograph is actually in the image at the bottom left corner. Visit his site and I am sure you will find his photos inspiring…!

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3D Puzzle: Wheel Loader

This is the third puzzle I’ve assembled in the Construction Equipment Series of Scholas, the maker of this toy puzzle. It took me more time to assemble this piece because I was also watching “The Tourist” movie starred by Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie at the same time and cannot really focus in solving this puzzle. It’s a good movie… And I know, you would rather watch it, too, rather than look at the boring images I posted.

Yup, they are really boring. Hehehe! But I enjoyed assembling it as usual and my daughter also helped since she saw me watching the movie and had some difficulties in trying to fit a couple of parts in the half-completed wheel roller.






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Creepy or funny…


… If you saw a man with his head looking like it is inside another man’s butt! Remember the prison scene where Hancock (the movie starring Will Smith) shoved the head of a prisoner to another prisoner’s butt?

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.”