Don’t Steal or Don’t Kill?


In the past years, a Catholic seminary located near EDSA, Guadalupe in the heart of Makati, Philippines had a poster saying “VII. Huwag kang magnakaw.” which refers to the seventh commandment in a tablet claimed by Moses to have been written by his god.  In English, it means “VII. Thou shalt not steal”.  We all know that the Philippines, being a 3rd world country, is among the world’s most corrupt country — Jan 2017: PH still among world’s most corrupt countries: Transparency International Index.  By having this poster seen by many, the Catholic leaders were hoping to make “corrupt politicians and government employees” alike to change their ways and be more prudent in doing government business.  In those years, the Filipinos were one with what the Catholic leaders was advocating.

This year, the same Catholic seminary had changed their poster which now says “V. Huwag kang papatay.” which means “V. Thou shalt not kill.” It is quite obvious why the seminary have this poster nowadays.  The Catholic leaders in the Philippines, namely the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), has continuously criticized the Duterte administration over the apparent disregard of human rights because of the alleged extra-judicial killings (EJK) that had already resulted to about 8,000 deaths brought about by the war on drugs since the start of the Duterte administration in July 2016 – – CBCP: Pastoral Statement on the Extra-Judicial Killings.  The message is quite clear and of course, the Duterte administration lambasted the Catholic leaders. CBCP is now at the receiving end of social media bashes mostly by the avid supporters of the country’s populist leader.  This time, the Filipinos are completely divided about this “EJK/human rights concern”  on top of the worsening political polarization – – the avid supporters of Duterte crying for more bloodbath rationalizing the innocent deaths as just “collateral damage for the good of the many” while the anti-Duterte groups are rallying to protect the rights of every citizens in the country.

Wag Matakot… (Don’t be afraid)

A masked vendor holding a newspaper with a headline “WAG MATAKOT”, which means “Don’t be afraid”!

I’ll let my fellow Filipinos translate what this phrase really mean in our country where scores of people are killed every day… 

Nuong bata pa ako…!

I sometimes miss these days…

… Nuong sumasabit ako sa dyip habang may sumisigaw ng “… Valiches, Novaliches”!

… Nuong umaangkas ako sa traysikel na kakalog-kalog dahil sa lubak na daan!

… Nuong sumusundot ako ng pisbol sa kalyeng mausok at maalikabok at isasawsaw sa sukang punong-puno ng naiwang pisbol na lumulutang pa!

… Nuong nagbabasketball sa kanto na ang pustahan ay isang litrong Coke at handang maki-ramble dahil lang sa isang litrong Coke!

… Nuong nakikipagsiksikan sa bus at pinagpapawisan ang kilikili sa init dahil walang aircon pa ang mga buses nuon!

… Nuong tumatakbo at naghahabol ng dyip sa may Blumentrit para makasakay!

… Nuong naglalakad sa gatuhod na baha sa may Dimasalang!

… At higit sa lahat, nuong nakikipag-inuman na isang baso lang ang gamit at sardinas na maanghang ang pulutan, solb na!

Yup, those were the days! Masaya at laging exciting ang araw! Gawin ko nga uli minsan yan to feel how exciting it was… :):):)

Philippines: China or the USA?

Ika nga ni Ompong

From a Filipino who has seen the world…

I like China because they sell cheap alternative products. I like America because of Star Wars, Titanic, Resident Evil, and of course, The Walking Dead, my favorite TV series!

I like China because of the birthday noodles, and that delicious lariat-style cuisine. I like America because of their hotdogs and hamburgers. Let’s add Disneyland and Universal Studios theme parks that bring out the child in you.

But of course, I also don’t like certain things from China and from America but these things will not make me “hate” them. Simply put, I love China, America, India, Russia, Australia, Japan, Canada, and the rest of the world!

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Abby Uy… A Budding Street Photographer!

There’s a new girl in town… and oh boy! Her photographs really caught my eye.  I have featured one of her photographs which shows a dramatic image which made use of colors amid a dark, woody foreground. The image above is an artsy photograph of a concert with the band members placed inside a bokeh “peep hole” of leaves. Genius, isn’t it?! And I like it a lot!

Believe it or not… she’s a newbie in photography and is really a fast learner. Imagine what else she can do with her camera after a year!

Introducing, Abby Uy and her blog site Abby – Street Photography! Please do pay a visit at her blog site and share your photo experiences with her.  She’ll very much appreciate it!

The Three Monkeys!

​In the Philippines, it is now somewhat “dangerous” to be unknowingly associated with someone who is into illegal drugs. To be safe, refrain from being with or having a picture with people you don’t really know, including high profile personalities like mayors, councilors, congressmen, and even generals and showbiz celebrities who could eventually be named or accused as involved in illegal drugs.

We now have a new adage, “Hear no people assumed to be involved in illegal drugs, see no people assumed to be involved in illegal drugs, and speak no people assumed to be involved in illegal drugs!” Otherwise, you’ll might end up as a “collateral damage”!

The bad side of being killed nowadays is that, majority of the Filipinos, specially those avidly supporting the new president, will immediately judge that you’re into illegal drugs even though you are not! We have a new justice system, it is called “presumption of guilt: guilty until proven innocent”!

The Divided Republic of the Philippines

“Ayaw patalo” (sour loser), “tama ako, mali sila” (I am right, you’re wrong) and the disgusting “crab mentality” are also the reason why the Philippines remain to be a third-world country now further moving into a fourth-world country, if such a term exist.

Ika nga ni Ompong

The Philippines is now officially known as “The Divided Republic of the Philippines”. A country where “pros” and “antis” clash to the brink of losing civility and the term “kababayan” (countrymen) now becomes just a domestic lip service. Filipinos are famous for “feeling superior” than other kababayans, “mayabang” (conceited), and to an intolerable extent, “mataas ang ihi” or an innate egocentric attitude with a wanton desire to be treated as VIPs.

“Ayaw patalo” (sour loser), “tama ako, mali sila” (I am right, you’re wrong) and the disgusting “crab mentality” are also the reason why the Philippines remain to be a third-world country now further moving into a fourth-world country, if such a term exist.
Unless these traits can be overcome by our future generation, the Philippines will remain a divided republic with no orchestrated effort to move forward… Unfortunately, the future generation are being raised with all of these…

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What’s with the Unilateral?

It’s like saying, “She’s my girlfriend but she doesn’t know it… Yet!”

Ika nga ni Ompong

I’m totally confused… Pres. Duterte made a unilateral truce last month and the Reds will also be making a unilateral truce in mid-August.

Why do they keep on unilaterally making a decision without the other party unilaterally agreeing on a unilateral accord that should have been bilaterally agreed rather than just unilaterally announced in the first place?

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The Anti-Social Media…

“Decency nowadays in social media comments have become scarce nearing the dangerous level of becoming extinct!”

Ika nga ni Ompong

​Everytime I read the comments of some netizens in local news articles in the social media, I always see hate and anger nowadays. Some are even going to the extent of downright fabricating false allegations and “out-of-nowhere” speculations to their targeted personality. A decent comment will automatically be ridiculed specially if the comment is not to their liking. Decency nowadays in social media comments have become scarce nearing the dangerous level of becoming extinct!

I now dub the social media as “anti-social shock absorber” for these kind of people who have hidden insecurities and maybe, living a pitiful life that they vent their anger, frustration, and hatred to others.

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