The Meike MK-320… The little guy with a decent but solid punch!

If you own a mirrorless camera or have a DSLR and you’re one of them shutterbugs who don’t want to carry those bulky and heavy speedlites, let me introduce the Meike MK-320 with TTL function.

It’s half the size of a regular speedlite with all the features of a regular one having a flash head that can tilt and swivel with Manual and Multi modes.Β  With a guide number of 32 meters at ISO 100, it delivers some decent “punch” using only two AA batteries. And it comes with an omnibounce diffuser right in the box.Β  Believe it or not, my 5.5Β inch cellphone is even taller than the Meike MK-320 and it actually fits inside your pocket.

For the casual photographers, you will find the Meike MK-320 very handy and the bonus is, you can carry it all the time with you without needing a medium-sized bag to carry the likes of a regular speedlite. Of course, don’t expect too much from this fellow… Since it’s half the size of a regular speedlite, it’s also half the power of a regular speedlite.

Check out my photos below to see a comparison of the Meike MK-320 with my Yongnuo YN685 regular speedlite.



I got my Meike MK320 at Henry’s Professional store located in Trinoma, Quezon City.


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