The Tale of the Brown Knight and the Unknown Creature

In the land of Gilmore somewhere East of the pavement jungle of the Quezon Forest, a brown knight, whose name should not be spoken, is always seen riding his magical two-wheeled horse that is powered by his nerve of steel along the treacherous cemented road full of mechanical monsters with black, round, and rolling hooves.

I heard people say that the brown knight has an invincible helmet on top of his head. Some also say that he wears an indestructible shirt-mail made of iron so thin that it only weigh less than a pound. I heard that not even Poseidon’s trident will be able to pierce through his shirt-mail. Others said that the brown knight also has the intestine of a red dragon, which he killed just using his bare hands, around his neck to protect him from the fangs of the dreaded blue traffic enforcers that infest the land of Gilmore.

In one hot and humid day, I saw the brown knight passing by. And I witnessed first hand all of the things I heard about him. But on that day, I saw him carrying two sacks with contents I do not to know. His dark eyes were fierce and keeps on looking at his sides like a scared puppy who has lost its master. The sweats on his face was noticeable and I felt a certain degree of apprehension by the way his two-wheeled horse was moving. I couldn’t blame him since several knights, believed to be under the spell of black magic, were killed and swallowed by an unknown creature during the past few weeks.

This unknown creature was hailed by some as an avenging “angel”, a crusader whose purpose is to annihilate renegade knights that are believed to be practitioners of black magic.  Others call the unknown creature as Beelzebub’s creation, his alter-ego, a “monster” which was unleashed to bring forth fear and live on the blood of the knights it slaughtered whether the knight is a practitioner of black magic or not. This creature, this angel, this monster, is said to have a powerful boom stick that can cut a knight in two.  Rumors only whispered in dark alleys said that this creature has two hard shining shell as its head with only a black slit where the eyes and mouths are located. It was believed that the creature possesses the ability to transform itself like a shadow so that the victim will unable to see it approaching for the kill.  The most frightening characteristic of this creature, so I heard from one folk who had managed to see the creature in action and lived, is its thunderous steps that sounds like “varooom-varooom” every time  it moves.

As the brown knight became smaller and smaller from my vision going deeper and deeper into the horizon, I casted the creature off my thoughts and wished him godspeed. As I turned my head to continue on with my business, I sensed something that made my hair stood up… “varooom-varooom”, “varooom-varooom”, I heard it screamed! Directing my eye to the source of the sound, I suddenly realized that only my eyes were turning with my head and the rest of my body frozen in fear.

There I saw the creature… its two heads covered completely by a shining orb with only a large slit that looked like an eye and at the same time, looking like a mouth. The creature momentarily stared at me before it ran towards the horizon where the brown knight went a moment ago. “Varooom-varooom” it went…!

The last thing I remembered was hearing a scream that sounded like “Bang-bang”!


The Future of Mobile Photography

The future of smartphone cameras… The Dual Camera Setup!

This year will be a plethora of smartphones sporting a dual camera setup. This will be the future of mobile photography. LG and Huawei were the first to incorporate a dual camera system on their smartphones early this year and before the end of the 3rd quarter, iPhone 7 Plus and Note 7 will also have the same feature as rumored in most technology websites. For Note lovers (like me), Samsung was rumored to be skipping Note 6 to align its flagship Note phablet to its S model.

What is a dual camera setup and what are its benefits?

A dual camera setup incorporates two prime lenses at the back of your phone. One lens will usually have a monochrome sensor and the other lens, a color sensor, which can capture three to five times the light of a single setup camera. The result, better sharpness and clarity even in dark conditions. It is rumored that Note 7 will have a whooping 1.4 aperture for its dual camera setup.

The battle for mobile photography is now afoot!

Photo courtesy of Phone Arena

The Purge

“Some will rejoice over their deaths like the blood-thirsty mob watching a beaten gladiator hacked to death while others may cry for not allowing a confessed sinner to have a second chance in life.”

Ika nga ni Ompong

​The Philippines is going through a daily “purge” of alleged drug users and pushers committed by “vigilantes”. Their deaths have become a daily staple of the local newspapers with most of the Filipinos accepting their deaths as a way to clean the crime-ridden society. It doesn’t matter whether the dead is guilty or not, whether the dead is just caught in the crossfire, or whether the dead is just a bystander whom the killer mistook as a drug pusher, as long as the body bags keep on coming. One dead drug user or pusher is one crime abated, so they say.

But there’s also one angle to consider for these deaths which needs serious investigation… The drug trade is like a “Mafia”. Once inside, a “member” can no longer go out. It is a “Hotel California” where no one can never leave. If a “member” decides to leave to have…

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Watch-face Anyone?

I always find new and emerging but practical technologies interesting.

… Watching the ’60s “Star Trek” TV series on Netflix with their imaginary handheld communicator, like the blue-tooth headsets that we have today, and that handheld large tablet they carry around which seemed impossible during that period, made me realize that everything can be made possible in time.

I am very fond of wearable technology. I have the Samsung Gear 2 Neo under Tizen technology which I hacked to operate using Android Wear and a Sony Smartwatch 2 and Smartwatch 3 which is now using the Android Wear.

Android Wear allows me to completely customize my watch-face using WatchMaker which you can buy at Google Play. And of course, being a techie-freak, I designed and created several custom Android Wear watch-faces and downloaded these watch-faces at FaceRepo (a repository of watch faces for Android Wear and Apple Watch provided by the community free of charge) to share my creation to the rest of the world who are also fond of using wearable technology like me. My FaceRepo ID is “SilingLabuyo“.

If you do have a smartwatch and have something in mind which you want to be your watch-face, just let me know… I’ll create it for you for free! Just a credit in your blog site or in any of your social media sites will do! 🙂


My Watch-face Creations

Clark Museum… Visiting the Past and World War 2!

During our 25th wedding anniversary last month, my kids treated us for a visual and cultural experience. Yap, you heard it right… all expenses paid by my kids. And my daughter even volunteered to be our driver from Manila to Clark and vice versa which has a distance of about 160 kilometers in total. My wife and I are both “sitting pretty” at the back of the vehicle enjoying the trip!

The Clark Museum, located in Clark Freeport Zone, Mabalacat, Pampanga, features an expanded collection of artifacts, true-to-life replicas, scenic dioramas, old photographs, murals and interactive displays among others significant to the history of Clark, Pampanga and surrounding areas, generally called Metro Clark. The Clark Freeport Zone, used to be called Clark Airfield, was a stronghold of the combined Filipino and American forces during the end of World War II and a backbone of logistical support during the Vietnam War until 1975. Following the departure of American forces in 1991, the base eventually became the site of Clark International Airport, the Clark Freeport Zone and the Air Force City of the Philippine Air Force. (Wikipedia)

The Museum tells of the Filipino spirit of bravery, industry and ingenuity of a nation’s sovereign will running through a narrative across 4 galleries. It briefly tells a story, a bigger world from which Clark grew and speaks of social and economic advances, and continuing progress.

The Museum offers four (4) galleries: Gallery 1-Between Arayat and Pinatubo A Geo Hub for the Filipino Spirit; Gallery 2 People’s Industry and Ingenuity, Filipino Spirit in Craft and Ritual; Gallery 3 Interregnum: Clark Air Field, The Filipino Spirit rechanneled; and Gallery 4 Clark Freeport: Celebrating,The Filipino Spirit Renewed and Rising.

After visiting the four galleries, we were ushered in to a 4D theatre highlighting Pampanga’s history going past forward to the present. The 4D theater offers a one-of-a-kind experience which would allow visitors to view the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991 with spectacular in-theater effects including wind, bubbles and mist to add a breathtaking fourth dimension.

If you ever will have a chance to visit our country, the Clark Museum is one of the place I will surely recommend. The following photos are some of the images I took inside the Museum.  But this photo set is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many more displays and interactions which will leave you in awe. 🙂





















Text Source: Visit Clark

Scented oil…

Scent oil diffuser or scent oil burner? I prefer the old-fashioned oil burner with my favorite scent… Lavender! Soothes your nerve before sleeping!

By the way, the candles in the white orbs are battery operated… they’re not real candles and they are made in Japan! 😀