The Game of Chess…!

Many countries claim to have invented the chess game in some incipient form. The most commonly held belief is that chess originated in India, where it was called Chaturanga, which appears to have been invented in the 6th century AD. Although this is commonly believed, it is thought that Persians created a more modern version of the game after the Indians. In fact, the oldest known chess pieces have been found in excavations of ancient Persian territories.

* Checkmate: This is the English rendition of shah mat, which is Persian for “the king is finished”.

* Rook: From the Persian rukh, which means “chariot”, but also means “cheek” (part of the face). The piece resembles a siege tower. It is also believed that it was named after the mythical Persian bird of great power called the roc. In India, the piece is more popularly called haathi, which means “elephant”.

* Bishop. From the Persian pil means “the elephant”, but in Europe and the western part of the Islamic world people knew little or nothing about elephants, and the name of the chessman entered Western Europe as Latin alfinus and similar, a word with no other meaning (in Spanish, for example, it evolved to the name “alfil”). This word “alfil” is actually the Arabic for “elephant” hence the Spanish word would most certainly have been taken from the Islamic provinces of Spain. The English name “bishop” is a rename inspired by the conventional shape of the piece. In Russia, the piece is, however, known as “elephant”. In the Indian lingo however, the piece is more popularly known as oont = “camel”.

* Queen. Persian farzin = “vizier” became Arabic firzan, which entered western European languages as forms such as alfferza, fers, etc but was later replaced by “queen”. Incidentally, the Indian equivalent of “queen”, rani is used for the piece by Indians.

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Some of you might be curious why some of your friends are posting this number or why this number is almost all over the social media.

It is a slang word for marijuana (or mary jane as some may call it). It was believed that marijuana’s “magic” was discovered on April 20. The kids of yester-years who get their high on marijuana used the number “420” as a code to hide what their doing from their parents.

To those who get their kick from it, they celebrate April 20 and call it as “420 Day”!


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Who can beat Dr. Who? Who? Dr. Who?

Believe it or not!

I’m a die hard fan of Dr. Who. And I got this two Dr. Who pocketbooks way back in 1981 when I was in 2nd year highschool. My Dr. Who pocketbooks are now 35 years old and I am still reading them from time to time. Never mind if they’re a little bit torn with lots of rabbit ears, I still like ’em a lot!

Trivia: Dr. Who has two hearts making him live to a thousand years!


How will we know that the election results were rigged?

“How exactly would we know if the results were rigged? The burden of proof is usually the responsibility of the complainant. Should there be a recount of votes and go through the “COMELEC process” which will take years to complete and by the time it is completed, it is near the end of the complainant’s term?”

Ika nga ni Ompong

There were prior allegations that the election result was rigged when Ramos won over Santiago and Arroyo against Poe. There were also some reported allegations of election rigging on the senatorial, congressional, and local seats. And then we had the mother of all election rigging during the time of Marcos versus Aquino when a number of COMELEC employees walked out during a counting process.

How exactly would we know if the results were rigged? The burden of proof is usually the responsibility of the complainant. Should there be a recount of votes and go through the “COMELEC process” which will take years to complete and by the time it is completed, it is near the end of the complainant’s term?

Is the turn out of supporters during a candidate’s campaign a good barometer to say that the elections results were rigged if the candidate did not win? Well, all of…

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El Niño Sunset in Manila


It would have been a perfect shot if not for the power cables that are visibly hanging all over Metro Manila…

Anyway, our country, the Philippines, is currently experiencing a phenomena called “El Niño”… An unusually warm ocean temperatures in our part of the world. And adding that up to the dry season we have during summer, we now have a “catastrophic” dry spell ruining our local crops and rice fields resulting to hundreds of millions of pesos worth of agricultural products gone to waste.

Oddly, though our government has spent millions of dollars to improve the country’s irrigation systems, our local farmers are still having a difficult time growing their crops this El Niño season. To the rest of the world, the funds I mentioned earlier did not actually went to the irrigation projects. These funds were “allegedly” pocketed by our public officials which we call the “pork barrel scandal” of which is currently under investigation. The funds were “allegedly” funneled to fake non-government organizations (NGOs) with the concerned public official “allegedly” receiving huge amounts of commisions.

Anyway, back to the photo… I hope you like it as much as I did, sans those nastly lines that continually plague my sky photos of our cities.

To swim or to campaign…?

The “floaters”… Yap, summer is here and swimming is trending. But Filipinos are more concerned nowadays in campaigning for their candidates for the upcoming elections in May this year. By golly, that would be next month on May 9.

Campaign success stories are sometimes true but often than not, social media users are spreading fake stories and lies for the benefit of their candidate. On top of these, there are  lots and lots of smear campaigns against other candidates. Cyber bullying nowadays is a trend with each supporters throwing derogatory remarks to one another as if their lives are at stake, with some even threatening bodily harm to the supporters of the other candidates. Well, that’s how dirty politics is anywhere in the world…

The circus with tons of promises is in town and I see a lot of clowns wooing the voters!


My Waterloo…

Believe it or not, for two consecutive years (2015 and 2016), I became a victim of the same sand bunker at the same hole in Sta. Elena golf course during the Smart Infinity Golf Classic.

If you find it just a coincidence, I find it as an empirical evidence that I never learned on how to manage this specific hole.

If it happens again in 2017, I’ll make a camp fire right in the middle of this sand bunker.  I will shovel every grain of sand inside the bunker to the fire to make a glass bottle which I will hit my head with…!!!