The Funny Syllable “Ba”…!

In the Philippine national language which is Tagalog, there is one syllable when repeated, means a lot of things… The syllable “Ba”!

For example, if you say…

… “Bababa ba?’, it means “Will you alight?” or “Will it go down?”.
… “Bababa!” means “I will alight!” or “I will go down!”
… “Baba” means two things depending on how you say it. “Baba” in fast mode means “Go down!” or “Down”. A mellow toned “Baba” means chin.
… “Ba” by itself is usually applied to emphasize a question like, “Sino ba?” (Who the…?) “Ano ba yan?” (What the…?) or “Ganun ba?” (Is that so?).

Yap, if you hear us slurring and babbling using just the syllable “Ba”, it means a lot of things for us in Tagalog … and we are actually deep in a conversation just using the syllable ” Ba”!


Photo Source: Myvoxsongs.Com

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    1. I bet you know at least two languages. I know English, Tagalog and some of our local dialects, and Spanish where most of our words came from being colonized by the Spaniards for almost 300 years.

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