Two things that you might not know about Ash Wednesday

Just a thing or two about Ash Wednesday… 🙂

Ika nga ni Ompong

Did you know that Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Lenten Fast period where Catholics who laid ashes on their forehead should only consume “one full meal” a day until Holy Saturday?

I’m not sure if the Catholics are still practicing the Lenten Fast period right after laying ashes on their foreheads. As a matter of fact, majority of my Catholic friends actually didn’t know that they should fast until Holy Saturday starting on Ash Wednesday. They thought fasting was only done during the Lenten Week but in any case, they don’t fast either during the lenten season and go on vacation enjoying the sun and the beach.

Did you know that the Norse (Vikings) had their own version of Ash Wednesday?

Wednesday is a day’s name with its source coming from the Nordic (Germanic) mythology, “Woden’s Day”. Woden was a name associated with the Nordic god, Odin (Anglo-Saxon…

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