Do souls in heaven have free will? What will a soul do in heaven?

No offense to anyone but these are intriguing questions that have been in my mind ever since…

If you die and go to heaven, will you still have free will and all the memories of living on earth? What will a soul do in heaven till eternity?

If you have free will in heaven, then you have a choice to do or not to do what the angels or your god will tell you to do in heaven. Other souls in heaven can also choose not to talk to another soul because of their differences in worshipping god because the souls in heaven comprise all those good men with different religious beliefs before they ascended to heaven. Some of the souls are from ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, Sumeria, Babylon, and from ancient Greece, to name a few. Some of them are even from the tribes of Incas, Mayas, and the Aztecs. A soul in heaven might even threaten another soul for complaining that he doesn’t want to sing a praise to god the way they do. What will heaven look like if souls have free will and can choose what they want to do in heaven?

What does a day in heaven look like? Will it be just singing and praising? Will it be a blissful walk in the park talking to other souls with nothing else to do till eternity? No summer vacation, no swimming, no social media sites to visit, no movies or TVs, no gadgets or wifi, no food or drinks since the souls don’t need them, no hobbies, no sports, none of those fun and games which a soul had when the soul was still on earth, no husbands and wives or children or grandchildren because all the souls in heaven are brothers and sisters. Is this how a soul will spend eternity in heaven?


28 thoughts on “Do souls in heaven have free will? What will a soul do in heaven?

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  1. Those are the million dollar questions my dear! When you get the answers, let us all know! They’ve been asking them since man could talk and think! 🙂 Here’s one more: is there a Heaven at all?


    1. That’s the billion dollar question. I believe that heaven and hell is what we’re experiencing here on earth. Well, each has their own belief and unless someone comes back to let us know if there’s heaven and what it is in heaven, no one knows.

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  2. I’ve thought about these questions – but then, I come around to the old line – “If you might not like the answer, don’t ask the question.” That stops me in my tracks!! 🙄

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  3. I think it is not for human mind to imagine this… It is in another dimension and we don’t know, at least humanly we can’t know… Yes, all religions say something, but who experienced and shared with us…It is beyond the human mind… maybe we don’t need the values of human world there, and we don’t need such terms like that. I mean happiness, memories, etc. When you go to the heaven, everything should be new for a soul… Just I am thinking now… By the way I believe heaven and hell are on this earth, in this life… These terms almost explained for human world, the key of them is to be a good person… it is something like that what I understand. Thank you dear Ompong for morning philosophy. Love, nia

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    1. That’s what I believe in, nia… Heaven and hell is actually what we experience here in our lifetime. Not that I don’t believe in the spiritual heaven or hell, it is something to really think about. Lots of thanks for sharing your thoughts, nia… 😉

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  4. Yes you have free will in heaven as Satan who was a fallen angel did until he rebelled against God. When you go to heaven and it has been a long time since I read that book but it was said the city was made of gold and that you would adore and worship God. Look what you have to look forward to. ikaw ay masyadong nakakatawa para sa aking ulo

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      1. It was mentioned to me once by a friend whose son had taken his own life, she doesn’t know if he will go to heaven or not (as suicide is against their faith), but if she ever made it to heaven and saw that he was not there, then she would mourn forever, which would make it not heaven. Valid point I guess!

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