“Karinderyang May Libreng Ngiti” (A Sidewalk Fast-food with a Smile…)

A Smile that can launch a thousand ships…!

Life is hard for some people who work for a living. But I guess, it’s all about one’s outlook in life. As compared to a corporate executive who is grumpy wearing a suit inside the comfort of his airconditioned offices with a secretary serving him a hot coffee but is stressed out of their wits with a high blood pressure and diabetes only managed by maintenance meds, this lady seems to be enjoying what she’s doing! Her smile says it all…!

Isn’t it ironic that those who are not “greedy” with limited resources are the happiest and healthiest people in the world? And those who has many are often times the grumpiest, greedy, and sickly people in the world?

Life balances itself…


8 thoughts on ““Karinderyang May Libreng Ngiti” (A Sidewalk Fast-food with a Smile…)

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    1. Correct, julz… It’s the attitude that matters. I have “filthy rich” clients but they seem not completely and honestly happy. They always want more giving them sleepless nights!

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