The Alien Mutation!

Of all the letters in the alphabet, I do believe that the letters “G” and “X” are of the mutant-kind and could be extra-terrestrials! They may have come from another world and have assimilated themselves here on earth… Do you know why?

Both have multiple identities that can baffle the unoriented. They can metamorph into another letter thereby confusing a spelling bee contestant! They are really a nasty lot, these two letters!

For example: Aside from its original sound as “guh”, “G” can sound like “ay” or “juh”! We have the words “align” where “G” hides like the letter “Y” and “giraffe” where “G” mimics the letter “J”. Scary, right? A metamorph alien, indeed, ready to pounce on a first-grader!

“X” should sound like “eks” but like its brother “G”, it can also change itself into the letter “S” in “xylophone” and deceive many sounding like the letter “K” in “sphinx” and “larynx”! Woo, and they’re infectious.. The sound of the letter “N” in the word “larynx” just turned into “nguh”!

We are slowly being invaded by alien letters…! Aaargh!



Photo Source:
G @
X @ Arro-Signs.Co.UK

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