Coconut Wine…!

The Christmas cheer is here;
Let’s sit down and grab some beer;
Some like wine, whisky, or rum;
Toast and drink till we get numb!


Coconut wine and coconut wine making is very popular in the Philippines and lots of folks frequently describe coconut wine as “tuba”. It consists of pure sap, with no bark mixed in, and it is generally milky white in color or occasionally it will have no color at all. Unlike most wines, this wine is made to consume when it is fresh because it turns sour extremely rapidly. If a more powerful wine is chosen then commonly times it can be distilled this will certainly highlight a more desired stronger beverage. If you desire to try and make coconut wine then you can do it however it’s extremely challenging and can not be made with simply any container in any environment.

In the north part of the Philippines, coconut wine or tuba is described as “Lambanog”. It is made of pure sap (no bark combined), milky white in color or almost colorless. It is typically eaten fresh as it conveniently turns sour. Some are distilled to make a more difficult and even more powerful alcoholic drink.

In Visayas Islands, especially in Leyte, tuba or coconut wine is made of coconut sap blended by having Barok (The bark of a red mangrove tree, and according to Wikipedia a red lauan tan bark tree) which represents colorant and preservative that offset fermentation.

Source: Lambanog.Org

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    1. Yup, and we also have liquors made out of sugar canes and molasses. Japanese have their rice wine called “sake”. Almost anything that can be fermented can be turned into wine! Hic! Hahaha!

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