50 Ways to Welcome the New Year

True… In the Philippines, folks would usually have something that is round on the table, on their pockets, and the clothes they wear during New Year which they believe will bring luck and prosperity.

Figments of a DuTchess

What’s the matter with the years nowadays? Good old fashioned years seemed to last forever, but now they race, each day gaining speed until you tumble headfirst into a brand new year. Nothing to do about it, but to live in the here and now, I guess. To celebrate each new day with (as much) enthusiasm and joy (as you can muster), even when they’re boring or hard.

2016 closes in. In the Netherlands we count down until the magic transition second into the new year has arrived, then we hug, kiss, drink champagne, contact loved ones who are far away, and head outside to light fireworks and firecrackers – usually the men, while the women chat and laugh about their boyish enthusiasm.

What do you do at New Year’s Eve to celebrate the arrival of a brand new year in your country? Is this infographic correct, or do you want to…

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Sunrise Near Bondi Beach

These are great sunrise shots which I can’t resist not to share… 🙂

Stupidity Hole

Here are the photos I took of the sunrise on Saturday.

I don’t know what moods these images invoke.

I think that they are, to an extent, calming and atmospheric.
I also think that, whilst they are not amazing, they do capture an amazing moment.

I am happy with them, but also restless as I want to see if I can get better shots.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.


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Pinay Mestisa…

Nowadays, there are no more pure blooded Filipinos. The winner of Miss Universe, our very own Miss Philippines, is a half-blood German and a Filipina being born in Germany with a German father, of course, and a Filipina mother. Technically, she is not a citizen of the Philippines but is a Phil-German.

I’m also half-blood with my father’s side being Chinese and my mother with a mix of Spanish descent. Even my officemates are “mestisos or mestisas”, half-breeds with facial features that are no longer distinctively Filipino. Take for example my colleague, she is a Filipina but you may also find her somewhat having a Caucasian face. I see her like a British girl… Minus the accent. 🙂

Just to sum it up, we are all “earthlings” regardless of race and creed. That’s what I call being “global”… Gone are the days when one is isolated and could be called as “pure blood”. Only vampires born as vampires are pure blood!


Hometown Visitation…

During the weekend, I visited my hometown, the place where I was born 50 years ago… Manaoag, Pangasinan. The church of Manaoag has changed over the years and the garden at the back of the church where I use to play has been turned into a huge parking lot. I believe the Manaoag church is now a “minor basilica”… And sorry, I don’t know what that means.

The sidewalks along the church where I can walk undisturbed when I was young is now a hall of vendors selling “religious” items and delicacies. Hundreds of people visit the town because of the church resulting to humongous traffic on weekends. The town has turned into an outdoor mall full of beggars, vendors, and barkers hoping to get a few hundred pesos as parking commissions!

I miss the days when our town is all by ourselves… And don’t mind the photo of myself which my son took this weekend during our trip up north of the country. It is also a relic figure as old as the church itself… A Jurassic fellow reminiscing the past!





To flash or not to flash…

To flash or not to flash; that is the question!
Whether you want it bright or full of shadows;
Joyful to see or feel the sorrows;
Blinded by the light until tomorrow;
Aye, to flash or not to flash; that is the question!


OPM (Original Pilipino Music)

Freestyle is a pop/rock/R&B band from the Philippines formed in 1996 and hit mainstream in 1998. The band is famous for their songs “Before I Let You Go”, “So Slow” and “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang?”. The band is now on their 19th year going to 20!

I had a chance to see one of their mini-concerts in a mall located in Quezon City (where I live). Their singer, Ava Santos, is quite good and has a personality that will keep your eyes looking at her while the band plays on!



Parties… Here, there, and everywhere!


Just one of the pictures from our holiday party last night together with several of my colleagues. It was a fun night of games and raffles… And lots of food, of course.

I bet most of us will be having parties here, there, and everywhere. It is the time of the month when parties are just there for the taking! Cheers to all!