Paris 11/13… The aftermath and the Analysis!

It was a very interesting day reading the global news around the world, including the French news as part of the process of unfolding who and why Paris was attacked. Summarizing all these independent mainstream news, there were three scenarios that came into play. 1. ISIS did it with one suspect allegedly saying, "I am... Continue Reading →

Vatican Swiss Guards in Manila…

The Vatican Swiss Guards visited Manila and marched in one of the malls located in my city. Nah, they're not the real Swiss Guards but they are real guards, they're not Swiss but they look like the Swiss Guards and yet they are real guards looking like the Swiss Guards. Did I confuse you? One... Continue Reading →

The Terrorist-Free Countries in Asia…

Based on a study made by the Institute of Economics and Peace for 2014, Vietnam and Singapore were the Asian countries with the least terrorist attacks or none at all last year. The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit think tank dedicated to shifting the world’s focus to peace as... Continue Reading →

Terrorists Killed 2,000 People in Nigeria Back in Early 2015. So Why Doesn’t the World Care?

"Terrorists attacks on the West, and against non-Muslims in particular, are sensationalized in the media while those afflicting non-Westerners and Muslims are normalized and treated as business as usual, generating limited public interest and, in turn, limited outcry from activists and institutions that could actually affect change." Source:

The Sony Smartwatch 3, My Review…

My prior smartwatch, Sony Smartwatch 2, had some irreparable "dead pixel" issues and it went dark somewhere in the middle. I liked the battery life of my Sony Smartwatch 2 that I decided to procure its newest version, the Sony Smartwatch 3 with the metallic silver wristband. Now my verdict... The Cons... The battery life of... Continue Reading →

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