Paris 11/13… The aftermath and the Analysis!

It was a very interesting day reading the global news around the world, including the French news as part of the process of unfolding who and why Paris was attacked. Summarizing all these independent mainstream news, there were three scenarios that came into play.

1. ISIS did it with one suspect allegedly saying, “I am from ISIS!” as reported by the French police and a Syrian passport was found in the scene of the crime which was later on retold as found in a body of a Syrian refugee. A day after the attack, ISIS stated they did it but some analysts questioned the ISIS’ statement as the way it was released does not have the “usual mark” of ISIS. As speculated by most, ISIS will take responsibility for any successful attack to the West whether or not they actually did it.

2. Israel did it! Some analysts seem to agree that Israel plotted the attack as France, together with other European nations, has recognized the state of Palestine which Israel strongly rejected issuing a threat to France that it will be a “grave mistake” to recognize Palestine as a state.

3. And of course, some say it was a “false flag” to give France and its allies a reason to intervene in Syria and the Middle East. This will also enable France to institute certain laws that appear to address terrorism but in reality, will put more fear and control to its population, similar to the aftermath of the US’ 9/11 terrorist attack. This “false flag” scenario is quite intriguing.

6 thoughts on “Paris 11/13… The aftermath and the Analysis!

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  1. Yes it is intriguing. In these situations we will never know the real truth. Only speculations. When a crisis like there is so many theories that one has a choice to accept what theory they so choose. Interesting post my friend

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      1. Yes I know. There is so much propaganda going on on both sides or three sides or ten sides that truth seems like a rare commodity to behold. You can’t believe everything you hear. I go by my gut feelings

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