Terrorists Killed 2,000 People in Nigeria Back in Early 2015. So Why Doesn’t the World Care?

“Terrorists attacks on the West, and against non-Muslims in particular, are sensationalized in the media while those afflicting non-Westerners and Muslims are normalized and treated as business as usual, generating limited public interest and, in turn, limited outcry from activists and institutions that could actually affect change.”

Source: http://m.mic.com/articles/108192/terrorists-killed-2-000-people-in-nigeria-last-week-so-why-doesn-t-the-world-care#.NVsMpDIya

23 thoughts on “Terrorists Killed 2,000 People in Nigeria Back in Early 2015. So Why Doesn’t the World Care?

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  1. When will we humans realize that we are all just that: humans? It’s really the one way to save us as a species in my opinion. Until we stop feeling ‘us’ and ‘them’, and understand that really this is one earth ultimately that we all share, we will be pretty much doomed in the long run….depressing for sure, but reality.

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    1. I’m not sure… Here in the Philippines, when Filipino Muslim kill other Filipino Muslims in the southern region of our country, those Filipinos who are not Muslims seem not to care too.


      1. There will always be an extremist group in everything… Fanatics ready to die for a cause which their group adhere to. I think it is human nature to be so since the dawn of mankind, like what Hitler did. He envisioned a thousand year “peace” under German rule and every German followed him.


      2. He arose to power at the perfect time. The Germans had been defeated in WWI, they were downtrodden, no leadership – Hitler took advantage of their weaknesses and found them a common enemy to blame it on.

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  2. I am a Nigerian and I don’t consider these attacks any less important than those in the western world. And i really appreciate your concern for my country, however what upsets me is the fact that if a call was raised for all Nigerians to rise up and fight, to do whatever it takes to defeat all that ails our nation I have to say I don’t envision us rising to that challenge. So why should others care?

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