I miss you all…!


Sorry for my long absence in our community, my friends… Been busy setting up my team for a big client project. I’ll catch up with you all as soon as I get back to my old routine next month!


Photo taken last Oct. 3, 2015! Sorry for the face, it was meant to “scare” you for the Halloween! Hahaha!

The Golden Boy… And that’s Me!


Yup, I’m now 50 years old, technically half a century’s old! Sorry if the picture is blurry… I’m so excited to share with you how old I am that I didn’t wait for the pictures captured by our official photographer for the event (who is my cousin who has his own photo studio). I’ll soon post these pictures… Cheers!

My Birthday…!


I apologize for not being around… It’s my birthday yesterday, October 2 (Manila Time). I’m spending sweet time with my folks and family so less time for blogging… As of now! 🙂

Many thanks in advance for your greetings!