One of Man’s Greatest Invention…


… Is also the one that is usually stolen. It was reported that about 2 million of them are stolen in the US every year. And that’s for the grocery industry only. No data is available in other parts of the world but it is estimated that about 10 to 15 million every year are stolen outside of the US.

Geez, every human in the world may soon have their own trolley in the future at the rate this carts are being stolen. Wait, it might be the aliens who are stealing this. By stealing these carts, the world will stand still! So they thought…!

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  1. I see them on the side of the road, at the end of the town, in yards, and recently saw someone using one to push one to the laundry mat with their dirty clothing. There is one house that I drive past that has several from various stores parked outside their home. I say parked loosely – they are actually mixed in with the other clutter. Today while shopping at Jo-Ann’s fabric I pulled one from in front of a car and went to return it but it was from a store that wasn’t even located in the shopping plaza. I placed it with others in the returned cart area and noticed people had turned the that area into a dumping ground. They were using the carts as garbage bins. One time while walking in the woods I noticed one upside down with some weeds growing around and through it. Maybe a homeless person placed a garbage bag over it and slept under it – I’m not sure. Interesting to think about the number of carts that are ‘borrowed’ and then become the property of those who feel entitled to bringing them home. Wonder how much it raises the price on the items in the store for those of us who do not ‘borrow’ them. Nice post.

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    1. You’re right… The stores may be treating the cart as an operating expense rather than a fixed asset. Ergo, their cost could have been included in their prices. For them, it is not a capital asset that can be amortized over a period of years but an expense that should be recovered.

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  2. 2 million? I don’t see them around although I remember seeing two under the stairs of where I live now. There is no grocery nearby so I wonder how the owners of the house got it here.

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  3. The homeless around Las Vegas use them everywhere. We find them abandoned everywhere too, and in the many washes which drain the floods coming down from the mountains all around Las Vegas. Sad stuff…

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  4. So who steals them cause 2million is alot of carts?…lol.
    Cool story idea tho. The disappearance of grocery carts and alien life on earth. The saga reaches to the heights of global power, far-fetched but after-all Santa Claus is supposed to deliver presents all over the world in one night that’s more ridiculous. *wink*

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