3D Puzzle: Roller

To those who have seen my previous blogs on 3D puzzles, this is my third puzzle, a Roller. So far, I have assembled a Ford T 1908 model and a dump truck. I had some difficulties assembling the roller itself as the parts are a little bit tiny... But no problem, some care in handling... Continue Reading →

The Human Belt…

... Is the most expensive belt that you can have! It's 100% custom fit, it talks to you if you don't have someone to talk to, and it may even prepare your coffee if you're not using it. The downside, you have to care for it and feed it! By the way, they are called... Continue Reading →

We Did It!

But I Smile Anyway...

We, seriously, WE did it… Actually YOU did it!

Thank you so much for helping to make my 40th birthday dream come true!

Over 30 of you reblogged my initial post, and so many people, new members of my Blogily, hit that follow button! You seriously made my day/week/month/birthday!!!

It’s times like this when I know our community is so strong, and if you do care for your blogily, they’ll look out for you too!
Huge thank you again to you all!

So, my dear new friends, what to expect from me…

I’m a wife, mum, daughter, sister, and teacher… Inspiration comes from all these roles, and I try to use my personal experience to write.

You will meet my Hubby Dearest, Lil Man, my 10 year old son, Lil Princess, my 7 year old daughter, and Sonu Singh, our Punjabi Kitty, among others along the way!

I am a…

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3D Puzzle: Dump Truck

One of the good things about having photography as a hobby is... It gives you a good reason to play with toys and the wife will not tease you! I'm back into assembling puzzles and this time, I got me a dump truck! Whoa, and the dump bin is even movable... It is really fun... Continue Reading →

A Little a Request

But I Smile Anyway...

Hi there Peeps!

Hope you are gearing up for a great weekend!

I have a little request, just wanna see if something can be done….

It’s my biggie birthday (40! Eeeeek!) soon, in a couple of weeks, and I was thinking to myself how great a present it would be to hit 1000 followers on WP by then… (I’m a couple away from 900 at the moment…)

This is where you, my lovely Peeps, come in.

Could you share/re blog this post, and see how many new followers I can get, and see whether I can hit that target?

(But only if you wanna!)

Foor those contemplating hitting that ‘Follow’ button, let me tell you a bit about me… I’m a mum, wife, daughter, teacher…. Heck I’m a woman!

My mission in life is to keep smiling, and to hopefully bring smiles to your life too.

I like to post…

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Is the Filipino Worth Dying For?

Today, the Philippines is celebrating a National Holiday called the Ninoy Aquino Day. Ninoy was a historic figure whose death served as a catalyst that launched the EDSA People Power Revolution in 1986 deposing the dictatorial leadership of then Pres. Ferdinand Marcos. Pres. Ferdinand Marcos was the 10th president of the Philippines who ruled the... Continue Reading →

Monster Car…

Sometimes I wish that I have this kind of a monster machine as a car every time I drive in Manila's worsening traffic situation... Where buses and jeepneys load and unload passengers right in the middle of the road, where undisciplined motorists overtake in a "no overtake road", block the intersection, and counterflow where it... Continue Reading →

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