What a Thirld World Country Is…


The Philippines, with about 75% of its population living below poverty level, is a nation of moral irony.

A nation where those in power strive hard to appear religious while stealing from the nation’s coffers, where Christians go to church but have no genuine concern on other people’s welfare, where Pastors bleed through tithes the last centavos from the poor populace who has no decent meal in a day while they live in luxury, and where Priests do sermons to continuously propagate medieval superstitious beliefs and traditions while investing heavily on stocks and erecting schools from donations given by the poor that only the rich can afford.

Yes, that’s my country… The Philippines! Is your country also a third world country?

10 thoughts on “What a Thirld World Country Is…

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  1. I got a headache to read that they let Enrile post bail. They let him go because of poor health and advance age and yet he’s going back to the Senate. What for? To corrupt some more? Nakaka-alta presyon talaga!

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  2. My country is not third world yet but it is getting there slowly the same principles of corruption we have here as well. We are seeing marginalized people begging more and more. Something we have not seen or I have not seen since I was a child. Albeit I can only imagined what it is like in the Phillipines. The image is one that makes your heart sink. There has nothing that has been right historically in this world for many many years. Don’t make my blood boil speaking of what the catholic church does let alone politician. It is a moral injustice to the people and is a moral injustice to humanity as a whole. Until people realize we are all one with each other and one with all the elements in our universe than this behavior unfortunately will go on.

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