The Glove Compartment… The what???

Yes, every car has this so called “glove compartment” located beneath the dashboard and by the way it is called, that’s where you should put your gloves, right?

No…! Most glove compartments I see do not have any gloves in them at all. What I often see are combs, hair brushes, shavers, chargers and cables, remotes, and almost anything under the sun that can fit inside the compartment. It should have been called “Miscellaneous Compartment” instead of a glove compartment.

But wait… I am proud to say that I am strictly using the glove compartment for its purpose, a compartment where I keep my gloves. What gloves do I keep in my “glove compartment”?


Of course, my golf glove.


And my billiard glove!

But then again, aside from these two gloves, I also have those “anything under the sun” items inside my glove compartment. Still, the car manufacturers wouldn’t void my compartment warranty by not using it for its purpose. I keep my gloves in it… I’m using it as a glove compartment!

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