The Absurdities of Lucky Charms, Amulets, and the Horoscope…


I still can’t reconcile why a person will believe in lucky charms and amulets, horoscopes and astrology, numeroligies and other divinations. It’s as if their luck depends on the inanimate stones and gems that is found in the universe… How could a stone or gem brings luck? As far as I am concerned, it doesn’t make any sense!


Horoscopes and other divinations supposedly foretell the future of a group of people based on the movements in the solar system, the entrails of an animal, or how a goat vomited. I tell you, no two people in the entire world who were born in August under the sign of Leo at exactly the same date and time will have the same fate. Horoscope is not even a “guide” as some will say… It is just for fun and not to be considered as a serious matter. That’s why it is in the Entertainment section of the newspapers.

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For example, a lot of people not born in August are also enthusiastic, noble, temperamental, and generous. Why then limit these traits to those born under the Leo zodiac sign?

In short, I don’t see any reason why I should entertain these kind of unbelievable claims that something is driving the helm of my life. I am my own captain, I am the helmsman of my life… And no stones or orbit of whatever planet somewhere out there will control how I want my life to be!

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  1. hala, magagalit sa ‘yo yung mga “checkwa”, most of those amulets, lucky charm-charm na yan are mostly checkwa-owned..’di ba checkwa ka rin?. hala, 😀 but I agree with you! No stones can be a master of your destiny, period! 🙂 🙂

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    1. Magalit na sila… It doesn’t mean a thing to me. Hehehe! It’s just pure business for them taking advantage of how superstitious some people are. And yes, we are the masters of our destiny. Period! 🙂

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      1. No contest tayo diyan. We cannot wage war against China. 44 lang kasi namatay na saf, todo hinagpis na tayo… Libo libo pa kaya? Malamang sisisihin na naman ang presdiente bakit nag wage war. Hahaha!

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