X Marks the Spot…!


10 thoughts on “X Marks the Spot…!

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      1. Alas I knew that. I used to up to 2 years ago. I joined the non smokers and I’m not a reform smoker thank God. I notice the stinky smell on smokers now and thought I smelled like that oooooweeee! Golly gee I bet you drink too lol Cigarette in hand, glass almost spilling over, trying to see out of one eye. Drunk yep smoking a cigarette at any time can light up a house in no time. Ok that’s all lol

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      2. I no longer drink beers or alcoholic drinks anymore since 2004. I tried quitting smoking and was able to do it for 6 months. Unfortunately, it got the better of me. Aaargh! I’ll try to quit it again, so help me universe!

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