EPAL, a Politician’s Name Game…!


To-date, the anti-EPAL bill or the Senate Bill (SB) 54 re Anti-Signage of Public Works Bill, which was written and advocated by Sen. Miriam Santiago way back in 2011, is still not passed into a law by the House of Representathieves.

In Quezon City alone, we see thousands of public works where the names and initials of government officials are either printed, etched, or carved right into the public infrastructure, including the sewers and urinals. Our city mayor, going by the name of Herbert Bautista, whose career in acting as a trying hard comedian was unsuccessful, has exponentially placed his initials, HB, in almost every corner of the city.

When he was labeled by the militant students and concerned constituents as being EPAL (“a person who always butts in and wants to take credit for almost anything his butt can see”), he was allegedly heard to say that HB stands for “Happy Birthday”, not Herbert Bautista.

I totally rolled laughing on the floor on this one, he is truly a trying hard comedian!

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    1. It is a major concern in our country as the majority voters (which are poor and mostly can be easily “swayed”) are brainwashed that the politicians are actually those that spent money for the infrastructure with their names on it. Never did these voters know that these came from taxpayers’ monies. 😦

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