Burger King.. The King of Burgers!


… If I want to eat burger “seriously speaking”, I visit Burger King!

My usual order is the Angus Steakhouse Burger. And believe me, McDo’s and Jolibee’s (a local burger and chicken house) burger are nothing but a joke compared to a Burger King burger!

Have a great lunch in Asia and a great dinner in the West side of the planet! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Burger King.. The King of Burgers!

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  1. Ha, Burger King is not that popular in Canada. I like Harvey’s which they don’t have where I live, but Mcdonalds is considered anethema although children love it. A&W a buck for you meal-not literally a buck just the saying worth a buck for your money. Wendy’s with their motto Hot and juicy. Which would you pick???

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