Have you ever wondered why Algebra is taught in Schools…


… And yet, you absolutely don’t need it in your job? Have anyone encountered a customer or a client asking, “What is y in x+2y=25?” just to buy your product or services? Did someone ask you “Give me x if 3y+x=50…” during a job interview?


12 thoughts on “Have you ever wondered why Algebra is taught in Schools…

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  1. I hated anything with numbers. When I was in college I changed my major to get away from them but didn’t realize they come in different packaging – calculus and stats. Yiiiikes!

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  2. [off topic – I was just watching the news and want the Filipino people to know that my heart goes out to the victims and those families involved with the overturned ferry at Ormoc City.]

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  3. My son and I were talking about this subject just a few hours ago.

    In the States, this stupid math is much more involved in the high school classes than in my day. And why? Just as you said, who needs it? This math should be an elective for those choosing to build a career in a specific field that calls for this type of math. Not forced on the students…

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