Dining on the Streets without the Urban Din…


Pedro ‘n Coi is one of the new restaurants at Fishermall, Quezon City. It has a very unique theme that makes you feel that you are eating outside in a city street… Minus the air pollution and the heat, of course! It’s menu selections are all Pinoy (colloquial for Filipino), with Adobo, Nilagang Baka, and Binagoongan, to name a few.


Looking at one side, you will swear that you are on the road with a dyipni standing by waiting for passengers. You can even feel the presence of the buildings on the “other side of the road”.


The fact is, it is just but an illusion as the dyipni is a custom-made restaurant seats where patrons can eat… And it is really a treat eating inside a dyipni! Definitely cool…!


As I sat to have my lunch to experience how it is to eat “on the street” free of the urban din, an all smiling lady approached me and took my order. Her smile and the way she spoke made me felt as if I’m the King of the Road at that moment. And only a few restaurants can give you that kind of feeling…



Looking up, you will see outlines of the houses in old Manila. It is actually a second floor where patrons can also eat and look down at the “pavilion” below.



What can I say about the food? The food is definitely okay with a price averaging Php250, excluding the drinks. Will I come back to eat here? Yes… Absolutely yes!

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    1. Lots of thanks, frank. I took these photos without a flash… (And honestly, I only use flash when the sun is up high, isn’t that ironic… Hahaha!)


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