Only in the Philippines…



… Where traffic going into the parking lot of any mall is bumper to bumper seven days a week! The parking lots of our malls are ALWAYS FULL anytime of the day on any day of the week! Believe it or not…!

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  1. Malls has replaced Luneta. That’s their favorite past-time – malling, because it is cool inside. I can’t even believe that they have coined that word. If they ever have a mall that is open I bet it won’t be as full.

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    1. Pinoys have lots of time on their hands. An average middle income earning Pinoy family can have 1 or 2 house helps that’s why they have plenty of time malling. When I had an office in LA, my american colleagues don’t have time malling and would rather stay at home to do chores because it’s expensive to hire a help in the US.


    1. … Or Filipinos usually leave their car in malls and then commute to save on gas expenses. In reality, many tenants inside malls are actually closing shops and being replaced by a new one almost every year. No one is doing any shopping, most Pinays just usually watch movies and then eat at Jolibee.

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