The Phantom of the Coffee Shop…!


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  1. Did you take that photo, Ompong? If so, it is your best artistic photo I have thus far viewed (I’m sure I haven’t seen most of them as you likely have 100s posted). Don’t get me wrong, you have a good eye for photography and you capture photos that tell important topics of discussion, as well as photos that provoke emotional feelings. You are extremely good at knowing how to crop and choose subject matter…..This one seems the most artistic from the few I have viewed.) Maybe only from a woman’s perspective. Art is subjective, anyway, but this one is art, to me….but, what do I know? The subject to many could be the lovely woman at end of counter, and look at the way the images on rear wall add so much more to the photo, to include texture. However, WOW! at the hand near the front, the way it was captured……..It’s a very beautiful photograph, Ompong.

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