The Weirdest Cloud Formation I’ve Ever Seen…!


12 thoughts on “The Weirdest Cloud Formation I’ve Ever Seen…!

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  1. Well, for those with a vivid imagination, who HONESTLY share the FIRST thing that pops into their mind….one might see the Leaning Tower of Piza Leaning even farther over…..a cannon….a penis with a ball sac….and knowing how “they” lie about EVERYTHING, could be an atmospheric floating weapon disguised as a cloud…….am I the only one with an imagination? Or the only one honest about not being ashamed to have an imagination? Anyhoooo, that is an oddly formed upper atmospheric cloud—at least it looks upper atmospheric….the lone ranger rogue cloud.

    Riddle me this: What kind of Heavenly haarp do angels not play?

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      1. Ah, my friend…..not “harp”, but, instead: “HAARP” (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), but in simple terms, the ability to control and/or modify the weather, so the say. Need a tropical storm? No problem. Want a drought? No problem. Want it extra cold? Fugitabowdit.

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      2. I think nature or weather is something that is difficult to control… But we may never know if Storm of the X-Men will be commissioned to assist in controlling the weather. Hmmmmm…. πŸ™‚

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      3. Wait, I’ll ask Prof. Xavier first. (After a few minutes) well, he told me that Magneto was the culprit in the Haiyan storm, he magnetized the positive ions in the atmosphere resulting to overcharged negative ions resulting to a super typhoon resulting to a calamity resulting to huge donations resulting to huge kickbacks resulting to funded campaigns for 2015. What’s with this “resulting”? Hahaha! πŸ™‚

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